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The story

Medialogix is the UK’s only Fotoware Platinum partner. Their software solutions allow customers, mainly in the public and publishing sectors, to easily store and retrieve digital assets. Their clients include Nikkei and the Metropolitan Police and has revenues approaching £1m per annum. Established in 2003, the company has grown organically over the last 5 years and employs 6 people.

The challenge

The internal team had developed a new app and other bespoke plug-ins designed to complement the Fotoware provision. The two directors were keen to capitalise on the opportunity as it provides Medialogix with a much needed key market differentiator, both with the other UK Fotoware resellers and competitors selling similar digital asset management systems. Introduction of the app brings an entirely new level of functionality to digital asset management not currently found in the market either in the UK or further afield.

This gives Medialogix a significant opportunity to win contracts in new sectors to meet ambitious growth plans, plus the chance to sell the app as a standalone to other Fotoware resellers across the world.

Medialogix required support to review internal capacity to deliver the new product to market to ensure the right personnel and sectors were targeted.

“We freely admit that we were slightly cynical about the support at the start, but quickly realised that the challenge and space for consideration and focus have been invaluable in helping us develop a more robust approach to our business and its growth. Having the right people in place has been key, and the focus on the future helped us to be confident in taking action to do this. The new staff have already proved highly beneficial to

The innovation focus

With their coach the Directors set about defining their vision and how this would be disseminated. They needed to ensure they establish a company-wide shared vision for the future. To ensure the right people were in place to support innovation and growth, they undertook a review to look at capability and capacity, including the role of directors. A market review was also carried out to set out a clear view of the target market and sectors, including the rollout of the app alongside the Fotoware software. To ensure the robustness of the business as it grew, an IP audit was undertaken to ensure trademarks, governance and the right protections were in place as they move into markets in the Middle and Far East.

The Success

now feel they have a strong, clear vision of the future and structure to the company. They have recently signed new deals with a major NHS trust. There is also a well-developed pipeline for both software and the app with opportunities in the UAE and Japan emerging. They have strengthened the team with the recruitment of a Business Development Manager who has extensive experience as a user of digital asset management software within the NHS. They have also added to their developer team to strengthen customer support. Revenues are now growing strongly year on year.

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