Research & Development Collaborations

Research and Development Collaborations

Delivered by CUE and academics from CU’s Centre for the Built and Natural Environment, the Research collaborations aims together and support SME’s interested in developing innovative low carbon initiatives.

Creation of up tor

  • Support SMEs to deliver energy efficiency and low carbon initiatives
  • Support SMEs to market innovative products, processes or services
  • Support between SMEs, supply chain and other key stakeholders

The collaborations will conduct research and build networks of SMEs, supply chain and other secto deliver innovative and energy efficient techniques across selected focus areas.

They will use the expertise of CU’s Centre for the Built and Natural Environment tor.

Research Collaboration Themes

The current themes available for SME support are in the area of the following:

  • Digital Construction – BIM, Digital Construction and Technologies

Download  Digital Construction – BIM Summary

  • Construction Materials – How can we make construction materials more efficient?
  • Design for Demolition – End of life of buildings from a designer point of view
  • Circular Economy – Reducing waste and efficient use of resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality and Climate Change Impact
  • Strategic Management – Looking into the future of the business in terms of energy efficiency
  • Energy Efficient Buildings and Construction

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