Enhanced sustainable mobility with marketing techniques

The e-smartec project is designed to strengthen the urban dimension of regional and local mobility policymaking, contributing to the implementation of the EU Transport White Paper, Urban Agenda and EU 2020 with a view to transit to a low carbon economy.

Many European urban areas face a series of environmental challenges linked to mobility. Based on experience, sustainable urban mobility planning cannot be achieved without the commitment of key stakeholders and travellers. Given this need, e-smartec proposes to accompany each step of mobility planning with the deployment of targeted marketing techniques for linking bottom-up and top-down decision making. Users’ engagement in mobility planning is often a big challenge for authorities since it requires deep knowledge of marketing and sociological aspects. Overcoming the threat of developing plans that are not acceptable by the public, thus ineffective, is the central axis of the experience exchange among authorities and experts in e-smartec.

e-smartec aims in developing action plans to start and implement effective (acceptable from both stakeholders and travellers/citizens-tourists) mobility interventions. This is the basis for a competitive, resource efficient and low carbon oriented European transport system. The 9 e-smartec partners are from 7 EU countries and represent 6 e-smartec test-bed areas. They will join their forces in an ultimate goal to provide tailored guidelines on citizens’ and stakeholders engagement marketing techniques and innovative decision-making procedures (including Crowdsourcing, social media, personalized communication for awareness raising & behaviour influence, “Word of Mouth communication”, “Wheel of Persuasion” & “Sustainable Market Segmentation”). Among project’s tangible outcomes, there are handbooks on engagement supplementing the different steps of plans and strategies development.

The RECREATE partnership includes Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (Greece), Region of Central Macedonia (Greece), Coventry University Enterprise Ltd (United Kingdom), Promotion of Operational Links with Integrated Services POLIS (Belgium), Link Campus University (Italy), Rome Mobility Agency (Italy), University of Žilina (Slovakia), Municipality of Venlo (Netherlands), Hessen Trade & Invest GmbH / Centre of Competence for Sustainable Urban Mobility (Germany).

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