INtentify future Transport rEsearch NeeDs

The overall objective of the INTEND project is to deliver an elaborated study of the research needs and priorities in the transport sector utilising a systematic data collection method. Megatrends that will be affecting the future transport system will be identified using literature review. To ensure validity of the results, the Analytical Network Process will be used to weight the megatrends and derive reliable outcomes on the most predominant trends. Finally, INTEND will develop a transport agenda that would pave the way to an innovative and competitive European Transport sector. The project is driven by three main objectives:

  • Define the transport research landscape
  • Define the Megatrends and their impact on research needs
  • Identify the main transport research needs and priorities

To enable a wide range of stakeholders to gain access to the results, INTEND will develop an online platform, the INTEND Synopsis tool that will constitute a dynamic knowledge base repository on the major developments in the transport sector. This will provide a visualisation of the INTEND‘s main outcomes. The basis for the platform will be the Transport Synopsis Tool which is already developed under the project RACE2050 coordinated by Berlin University of Technology. The repository will be updated and integrated into the INTEND website to provide a comprehensive picture of all forward looking studies focusing on technological developments, megatrends and policies.

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