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Connected Autonomous Vehicles Systems (CAV – Systems) short course

“Thank you to Coventry University, Institute of Coding, HORIBA MIRA and MIRA Technology Institute for developing and hosting the CAV Systems course. We achieved our aim to pilot and test a fantastic industry focused new short course on CAV systems, technologies and use-case studies. We are looking forward to launching this course commercially from 2022. A brilliant intro for all you budding professionals who wish to work in this exciting sector of Autonomous and Connected Vehicles!!”
Robert Vermeer, Programme Manager

 A unique short course designed in collaboration with HORIBA MIRA

This new and exciting Connected Autonomous Vehicle Systems (CAV-Systems) short course has been designed in collaboration with HORIBA MIRA to bring together industry and academic expertise to offer a carefully tailored course. Coventry University’s connection and delivery with HORIBA MIRA is a unique offering, distinguishing the course from others in the market.

The content of this short course has been designed to provide delegates with a wide scope of topics in smaller segments. Expertly delivered by leading industry partners at the MIRA Technology Institute, this course has a blend of theory and practical elements to support the embedding of knowledge.

Course Overview

This course is aimed at individuals who wish to learn more about Connected Autonomous Vehicles, looking behind the news stories and press releases at the realities of the technology and likely developments over the coming decades. Either with a view to further involvement in this field or with a view to understanding the potential impacts of wider deployment of these emerging technologies within their field.

Some of the topics include:

  • Sensor perception
  • Vision
  • Cybersecurity
  • Machine learning

The CPD course duration is 5 days (mon – fri) and delivery will take place at the MIRA Technology Institute in Nuneaton

Fees: £1,700

Entry Qualification(s): Candidates must have entry level programming skills. This course is also available as a closed format to 10 people, please email for more information on this or the course.

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