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“That is an absolute stunner like your jewellery…
love the birth of the name.”

The tweet from Giovanni Spano from Bat Out of Hell The Musical on 29th May 2018

Motivated Abbi Head, Design Partner at Amoreantos to apply for the Creative Springboard Warwickshire Programme with CUE Business Enterprises.

Amoreantos is a collaboration of Abbi and her partner Tim and they currently design 925 sterling silver pendants which are perfected in Computer Aided Design and produced in small batches by lost cast process and hand polished in Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. The business began as a hobby in January 2018 and Abbi became a sole trader in June 2018 in order to attend the programme and see where this venture would lead. Funded by the European Regional Development Fund the programme last 3 weeks with 2 days of sessions including topics like mindset, marketing, branding and finances. “The best part about exploring these topics was the inspiration to turn my creative hobby into a business and become the brand ambassador for Amoreantos.

The company’s social media has really developed as a direct result and I have discovered our style and unique selling point. The people who also attended were a great support for each other and we developed a WhatsApp group later to encourage each other and share our highs and lows” says Abbi. The most beneficial aspect for Amoreantos at the beginning stages of the springboard programme was to protect the intellectual property of the trade name in the UK which was successful in September 2018. Having this kudos enables Abbi to promote a business that takes itself seriously from the start. Every day the subjects which were covered by the programme were thought provoking and are now reiterated in the networking sessions that Abbi attends regularly. She says, “I have confidence in what I am doing now with the help of the course which has enabled me to direct my focus of attention in the right avenues such as the crowdfunding that I have started to raise funds for our next pendant. After the session on finance I also opened a business bank account and use this to manage my finances which makes the whole process more efficient. Although we covered marketing on the course I am still learning about how to implement what I have learned about funnels and conversions but it has meant that I have directed my attention to advertising in places where my customers will be looking.

“The lifestyle shoot which I invested in after the programme was a great suggestion and it was a really amazing experience where I directed the photographer. I also learned a lot about myself during the programme and how I need to pitch myself confidently and stay on brand without conflicting with my day job at a charity,” she says. Abbi has found a business development coach to continue the momentum and sent Giovanni Spano a pendant as a thank you before he began his journey on The X Factor where he is now one of the Overs in the live shows. This success has prompted Abbi to follow a business advertising strategy of sending influencers pendants rather than social media adverts. Amoreantos has also received a possible commission opportunity to design merchandising for an author. Through networking Abbi has been talking about the pendants being stocked in a holistic shop or on a rentied shelf space as well as website sales via Etsy. “I was given 12 hours free one to one digital expertise with Focus Digital as part of the programme and used this to its maximum potential. I had the beginnings of a business card and website created, but it does take a lot more time to populate a website so that was more than 60 hours of my own input after the allotted time was over. I have followed up with a meeting with a WordPress expert and learned about SEO to help with the website’s visibility. I think that this programme came at just the right time for me and I knew exactly what I wanted to get out of it after the first few days. I feel really lucky to have been part of this programme and would highly recommend it to someone in the first few months of their SME business. I have built on the knowledge that I was given and am now creating a business plan beyond 12 months. I realise that technology changes things and I hope that Amoreantos will take advantage of future trends and become a successful business for me and my partner, Tim.

Next year I am applying for the Nat West Accelerator Programme and am attending many useful sessions for start-up business to learn more about running a successful business.”

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